WARRIOR Ritual G2 Custom Pro Catcher- Sr

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     The Warrior Ritual G2 Custom Pro Catcher follows the rest of the G2 Custom line in terms of innovation. Several new features make this catcher the best Warrior has ever designed. The catcher features a one-piece cuff and thumb design providing a solid seal for predictable rebound control. The thumb plastic tapers gradually forming a steep angle which funnels the puck into a deep single-t pocket. Unlike many other gloves, the Ritual G2 does not include any lacing around the perimeter or on the face of the glove which allows the glove to close easily.

     The Protection on the backhand finger and thumb are made of dome shaped HD foams which keeps impact from touching the digits directly. The backhand cuff is detached from the cuff and thumb mold which makes for great wrist mobility. The t-web pocket includes rigid, horizontal bars which translate into small Axy-flex “tents” at the thumb and forefinger. These tents allow the tee tops to move freely so there's no break in time before the glove can completely close.

     These new features make the Ritual G2 Custom Pro a great glove, but what puts it ahead of the competition is the removable/replaceable palm inserts. This allows goalies to remove a sweaty palm pad in between periods and replace it with a fresh dry one. Additional palm liners (sold separately) can change the closure of the glove to 60 degrees (index finger to tip of thumb closure), the standard 75 degrees (index finger to base of thumb closure, or 90 degrees (full fingers to base of palm closure) based on the goalies preferences. The palm is also strapped down to the hand above the wrist joint, which allows for the glove to fit securely on the hand without having to sacrifice wrist mobility. The Warrior Ritual G2 Custom Pro blocker allows you to pick the perfect glove suited for your playing preferences.
Warrior Ritual G2 Custom Pro Catcher- Sr

• Removable palm liner with optional 60°, 75° and 90° breaks
• Axy-flex tee
• Molded back hand pad
• Lightweight (2.02 lbs)
• New adjustable heel lift

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