WARRIOR Ritual G2 Pro Catch Glove- Sr

Style/Model #: G2TPG2L4

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The Warrior Ritual G2 Pro Catch glove can now be purchased at Perani’s Hockey World. The catch glove offers superior protection and pro spec sizing. The removable liner offers a customizable trapper with a 60, 75, or 90 degree break (75 degree comes stock others purchased separately). The new lightweight design allows quicker movements for the hardest off shots to be stopped. The single T pocket offers a deep pocket allowing to snag even the toughest of shots. To offer you more comfort and protection, Warrior has added a molded back hand pad. The Warrior Ritual G2 Pro Catch Glove features customizable options to make the glove more your own.
• Superior protection
• Pro spec sizing
• Removable liner
• Axy-Flex
• Clean Construction
• New lightweight design
• Molded back hand pad
• New adjustable heel lift
• Single T
• Comes stock with 75 degree removable
  liner and no practice palm insert

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