WARRIOR Ritual Pro Goal Pant- Sr

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The new Warrior Ritual Pro goalie pants for 2014 are now available at Perani’s Hockey World. The Ritual Pro pant is anything and everything you will need in a goal pant. To begin, sizing on the Ritual Pro pant is based on a Knee to Hip measurement, unlike the traditional waist measurement of the past.  For sizes Small to Extra Large, the width of the pant remains the same. The length of the pant will vary depending on the size and the Knee to Hip measurement. This way the width of the pant remains the same to cover the maximum area while you’re in the net. The adjustable padded internal belt allows you to adjust the waist size to fit you comfortably. The internal straps holding the belt can also be adjusted up or down inside the pant itself. You hips and upper thighs are protected using Warrior's "Flex Plate" system. Because these HD foam plates overlap each other, it allows goaltenders to move easily throughout the crease. The Warrior Ritual Pro pants are designed to function without suspenders, however, removable suspender buttons come with the pants. This goal pant has all the bells and whistles for the top goaltenders.
• Flex Plates
• AxyCut
• Molded thigh pads
• Internal blet
• Removable suspender buttons

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