Warrior Bentley Grip Composite Hockey Stick- Int '2011

Style/Model #: HSBENGPINT1

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The Warrior Bentley Grip Composite Hockey Stick features redesigned graphics for 2011!

The taper focuses energy at the lower quarter of the stick which aids in puck handling. The composite deluxe internal construction increases fiber strand content for durability.

A high pressure molded shaft decreases the weight of the stick, but does not compromise the durability.

The Soft-Core blade construction resists torque and the stick handle has a coated grip area.
Warrior Bentley Grip Composite Hockey Stick- Int '11
• Composite Deluxe- Engineered layered composite construction provides the flex characteristics within a durable package. • High pressure two-way shaft molding provides a durable construction
• Soft Core Blade- The internal backbone of this blade is a semi-rigid polyurethane that absorbs vibration and helps settle the puck on the blade for better feel
• full composite construction- frame remains highly durable and responsive during puck handling as well as receiving passes.
• Fused One-Piece Construction- Molded stick in two separate processes where shaft and blade are fused by heat and pressure in lower area of stick
• Soft Grip Finish- Provides a smooth grip on the shaft, reducing the tendency of slip during stick-handling and shooting, but allowing up-and-down stroke movement along the shaft

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