BAUER Prodigy Pink Stick 46

BAUER Prodigy Pink Stick 46"- Yth

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The Bauer Prodigy line of sticks is built specifically for the youth player who is just starting to play hockey and needs a stick that enables them to develop stick handing and shooting skills. Using height and weight ranges collected from government agencies and Bauer's R&D testing, the Prodigy was designed in 3 specific heights, each with a corresponding shaft thickness and a fine-tuned flex profile to maximize player performance. The Prodigy also features intuitive design elements to remove the guesswork from stick preparation, including a removable enlarged rubber butt-end cap and basic instructions on how to tape both the handle and the blade of the stick.
If your child is just getting started in the sport of ice hockey, this is a perfect choice for a new stick.