WARRIOR Covert QR1 Clear Hockey Stick- Sr

WARRIOR Covert QR1 Clear Hockey Stick- Sr

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Warrior's Covert stick offers one of the quickest releases on the market. Warrior worked with a leading university to study how hockey sticks store and release energy. The proprietary test enables Warrior engineers to measure the time a stick launches a puck, enabling their engineers to fine tune the new Covert for the quickest release in hockey.

Release time is called the moment of release and is measured in milliseconds. The QR1 is 5 milliseconds faster than the Covert DT LT1 and 6 milliseconds faster than the original DT1. This means less time for the goal tender to react to your shot. The QR1's also feature reinforced corners for 2X higher impact strength without the added weight. Add in the slick new graphic and this beauty is ready to score goals!