WARRIOR Covert QR4 Grip Hockey Stick- Sr

WARRIOR Covert QR4 Grip Hockey Stick- Sr

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Warrior’s Covert QR line of sticks is among the best on the market. Hours of research and design, collaborating with a leading University to study the true explanation of how hockey sticks store and release energy, resulted in answers that led Warrior’s engineers to perfect the design of the Warrior Covert QR4 Grip Composite Stick.

Warrior accomplished this by adding a Dager_T2_Taper to work with the super low kick and a lighter blade, this combination creates a stick that releases the puck from the blade in a mere 86 milliseconds. The stick’s construction utilizes more carbon fiber content, resulting in a lighter stick. These fibers, along with reinforced corners that offer two times the impact toughness, combine to form a stronger, lighter hockey stick.

• Quick release • Super low kick • Lighter hosel • Reinforced corners.