WARRIOR Dynasty AX Pro SL Grip Hockey Stick- Sr

WARRIOR Dynasty AX Pro SL Grip Hockey Stick- Sr

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The Warrior Dynasty AX Pro SL Grip Hockey Stick blends new technology into an elite players top of the line stick. Your wait is over, Hockeyworld now has the AX pro and in Grip too, with 100% Carbon Thermoset, Hyperdrive Kickpoint and Strong-Arm Taper Technologies this stick is absolutely awesome. Without further wait we bring in the big guns, the 100% Carbon Thermoset is a unique blend of carbon fibers and toughned epoxy which are then saturated and thermoset cured creating ultimate shaft strength, feel and response for a quick release that is on target every time.

The Hyperdrive kickpoint is an engineered Kick-Zone that unleashes your power with an easy flexing mid-kick point that turns out high velocity slap shots and one-timers grouped with snap shots that will blow your mind how the puck comes off the blade with ease and goes exactly where you point it to. The Strong Arm Taper is a technology that uses geometry as it widens and resists torque to improve power transfer and accuracy when firing shots. The Pro-tex grip offers a textured surface coupled with a tacky soft grip feel that locks your hands in place for optimum drive and control.