CCM 2052 Tacks Grip Hockey Stick- Jr

CCM 2052 Tacks Grip Hockey Stick- Jr

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The CCM 2052 Tacks Grip Hockey Stick is a lightweight stick weighing only 575 grams or 1lb. 4.28oz. Being super agile and easy to maneuver the CCM 2052 stick is perfect for the hockey player looking for a durable stick that is easy to use. The blade uses the ATTACKFRAME™ this design is to provide a very high level of both torsional and bending stiffness. The result is more accuracy, better precision and amazing consistency. The ATTACKFRAME™ consists of 2 reinforced bridges in blade and is wrapped with a strong outer frame.

The grip is a full grip that improves control and feel. Featuring the mid kick point that offers an action in the lower part of stick that has a snapping release for all types of shots and is easier to control for saucer passes and direct passing. The T-Geometry is preferred by NHL players and improves control and accuracy.