FOOTDISC HardBoot Edge Insole- Low Arch

FOOTDISC HardBoot Edge Insole- Low Arch

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The CurrexSole FootDisc Hardboot Edge Insole is a solution to Robust hardboot and shoes such as Winter Sports, Work, Hunting, and Hiking activities assisting in aligning your foot within the boot reducing strain on the wearers ankles, knees, hips, and lower back. The Insoles were created for a “Ankle Locked” or “Fixed Ankle” sports such as Hockey. The long and short foot muscles cannot develop or have a difficult time moving and getting the correct circulation. This causes the arches to sink and the foot begins to feel the burn. Anyone who has laced up for a hard skate or hits the bumps on a ski hill or snowboarding knows the foot burn and the awkward sometimes painful walk to the car after play.

The Hardboot Edge Insole is made to ease the strain and the end result is noticeable. Whether it may be skiing, snowboarding, skating or hunting your feet should be a major concern. So don't subject yourself to worn out insoles that cause blisters or a pain that takes a few days to subside. Your feet and game will thank you. Increase your ability and go for what your capable of not what your equipment is capable of. The Low Arch Insoles are ideal for flat feet with low arches and over-pronation issues.