BAUER Vapor X 700 Griptac Hockey Stick- Sr '16

BAUER Vapor X 700 Griptac Hockey Stick- Sr '16

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The Bauer Vapor X 700 Griptac Composite Hockey Sticks are made for quick motion shots like a quick release snap shot from the slot or a Wicked Slapper from the point, paired with the lightweight design the X 700 is perfect for the player that requires a twig with super light handling and the durability of getting heavy use.

A Fused 2 piece construction adding Dual Density blade core blade Technology assists in the lightweight handling while the QRT Taper technology(SR & INT only) allows for load and recoil energy assisting in a quicker release and more powerful shot. Pure Shot blade profile and Micro Feel II shaft dimension with Double Concave walls and Matte blade with Texture Finish completes this great stick.