Vaughn VM 7700 Velocity Goal Mask-Certified Cat Eye- Senior

Vaughn VM 7700 Velocity Goal Mask-Certified Cat Eye- Senior

Product ID #: VM7700CCS
Currently Unavailable

Note :The mask may come with a black Harness

The VM 7700 is an all new design specifically engineered to provide increased performance with greater visibility and sight lines. The shell shape has been carefully contoured and molded to reduce flat spots in the design and to reduce impacts in the critical areas as well as providing lighter weight and increased strength.

The flared lower chin provides added rigidity and allows the goaltender to close off the area between the neck and chest for better coverage. Full inner shell padding with no gaps in impact areas gives complete coverage and meets all new certification rules. Dual density vinyl nitrile padding provides exceptional protection, comfort and fit. The cage design has been optimized to provide true vision sight lines and positions the cage bars to achieve maximum forward peripheral vision.

Cages are all constructed from high grade stainless steel with a low luster finish to reduce glare and blend into the ice surface to increase visibility. The stainless steel will not rust and provides durability. All attachment hardware is manufactured in stainless steel for strength, durability, and longevity. Full scull plate harness with heavy duty elastic straps and buckles provides complete adjustment. The chin cup features a quick change Velcro™ adjustment to allow the goaltender more options of fitting. Vent holes are positioned to facilitate rapid air ventilation and heat dispersal for cooler play.