CCM U+ CL Hockey Skates- Jr

CCM U+ CL Hockey Skates- Jr

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Introducing the CCM U+ CL True Fit Experience.
Developed to be directly in tune with the demands of today's high performance player, the CCM U+ CL's true fit experience includes three key areas:
A: Step-in Comfort- The CCM Design Team engineered features to enhance the fit experience from the first trial, right out of the box. When combined with in-store customization, it means the focus is on the game without worrying about pressure points and length of break-in period.
B: 360 Degree Customization- The elimination of negative space within the boot through heat molding improves the efficiency of every stride. With this in mind, the CCM Design Team integrated U Foam into the tongue and footbed increasing the level of customization.
C: Pro Responsive Stability- Engineered from the inside out and built as close to the foot as possible, the U+ CL is designed to respond when called upon.