ACON Wave 183- Pro Heavy Duty Backstop Net

Style/Model #: 42305-B183P


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The ACON Wave B183 backstop net is a unique accessory that can be used with any official-size (72 x 48 in) ice-hockey goal. It’s designed especially for outdoor games and junior ice hockey practice for players up to 13 years old. With a backstop net, games won’t be interrupted in search for a lost puck or ball lodged in the snow bank or bushes. The backstop net significantly increases safety as there is no need to worry about causing damage to surrounding property. The structure of the backstop net is flexible, making it durable, yet lightweight and portable. The UV-treated backstop net is for year round use with a 1 year warranty. 
ACON Wave 183- Pro Heavy Duty Backstop Net
• Significantly increases safety and causing damage to surrounding property

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