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The Bauer 1S OD1N Goal Pads feature an all new leg channel that features the 37.5© Technology that helps regulate the core body temperature of the goaltender keeping your leg dry and in the right position for complete control. Fabrics with the 37.5© Technology dry up to five times faster than similar products.

The Redefined Sizing is optimized sizing that ensures proper performance within a simplified system. The new goal pad measuring devices measures the goaltenders leg to better evaluate sizing and provide more goalies with an accurate fit

Digitally Printed Graphics on the OD1N Pads feature full digitally printed that allow for more detailed graphics and weight reduction from no stitching on the face of the pad

The C.O.R. Tech Skin Technology is a result of the OD1N Project. The C.O.R. Tech Skin is a revolutionary one-piece construction that reduces weight and improves consistency by molding the pad cover versus the traditional cutting and sewing. C.O.R.TECH SKIN increases the coefficient of restitution by pushing rebounds further from the goalie. The C.O.R.TECH SKIN also maximizes slide ability for increased speed in the net.

THe CRS or Custom Rotation System utilizes flexible hook and loop straps at the calf and boot to provide a customized fit, full adjustability and stress free performance. The CRS will allow the pad optimal rotation on the goaltenders leg as an all new toe bridge and flexible lace relieves the hip stress felt with traditional skate laces.

The CURV® Thigh Rise composite technology added tot he insert in the thigh rise adds rigidity to the pad for better closure and ice seal.

BAUER 1S OD1N Goal Pads

• C.O.R. Tech Skin Technology

• BAUER Curv® composite technology in the thigh rise

• 37.5™ Technology in calf warp

• XRD™ Foam Knee Landing

• Digitally Printed Graphics

• 1S OD1N Knee Protector included

• Cusotm Rotation System(CRS) Strapping

• Leg Pad Bag
Senior Sizing
Bauer Size Size Equivalent
Small 33+1
Medium 34+1
Large 35+1
X-Large 36+1
XX-Large 37+1
Intermediate Sizing
Small 30+1
Medium 31+1
Large 32+1
Junior Sizing
Small 26+1
Medium 28+1
Large 30+1

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