BAUER NME 8 Goal Mask- Sr

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The Bauer NME 8 Certified Goalie Masks offer an advanced level of protection by using some of Bauer's most advanced materials and construction processes such as the vibration dampening tape in the shell and aramid fiber reinforcement. The NME 8 uses a lightweight fiberglass construction reinforced with carbon which provides excellent protection and a lightweight feel.

The liner offers superior protection by placing the VN foam in high impact areas. The soft comfort foam creates an extremely comfortable feel by reinforcing the high pressure areas. Bauer has also used vibration dampening technologies to reduce the ringing associated with hard shots off the mask. The NME 8 is offered in 3 different fit types to ensure a great fit and comes with an extra sweatband and a padded carrying bag.
BAUER NME 8 Goal Mask

• Fiberglass base
• Carbon edge wrap reduces chipping
• Aramid fiber reinforcement
• Vibration dampening tape
• Forehead and chin

• Mechanically attached Liner
• 3 layers of VN foam
• PORON foam in impact zones
• Soft comfort padding in pressure zones
• THERMO MAX+ sweatband

• Stainless Steel Flat wire Certified
• Wire wrap technology

Also included:
• Padded mask bag
• Extra sweatband

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Good mid-range mask
I had a Wall Proactive W4 in large, the Fit 3 fits similar. Cons: There are a few of the foam edges that I think are sharp in the helmet that I want to trim down. (mostly on the top of the head/ outside corners above the temples. I felt like the Wall had better foam around the cheeks. The chin cup on this is also odd compared to the Wall, and I can't seem to get the fit right yet. But I'll give it some more time. Also the fiberglass seems to be thin compared to other brands, especially in the chin. I wear a dangler though so I am not worried about it chipping like other people mention. Pros: Fiberglass mask for under $400, feel safe in it, great vision out of the certified cage. I think this is one thing that is not advertised well enough with this mask. The cage has an oval shape to the bars which makes them very narrow when you look out. I actually liked the certified cage better than the cat eye.
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