BAUER Nexus 1000 Composite Hockey Stick- Sr

Style/Model #: 1037027

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 The New Nexus 1000 has a TRU-Mid Kick flex profile that has been engineered to provide a nature release with softer hands and the hosel area allows more flexion and, when combined with a stiff middle shaft section, deliver a quick natural release with power. The square double concave taper is thicker in the hosel area to work in coordination with the Nexus TRU-Mid Kick to maximize shaft deflection during powerful shots to optimize energy transfer and keeping the blade aligned for accuracy. With a .520 power taper and the Power core 3 blade with a expanded throat, The Grip Tac coating increases stick control. If you can’t score with this beast, its time to look in the Mirror. The Nexus 1000 has molded all of your favorite features of earlier Bauer sticks into one. Weight: 417 Grams and Length: 60 Inches


  • •NEXUS TRU-Mid flex profile
  • •ELASTech (Sr.& Int. ONLY)
  • •Lightweight TeXtreme construction
  • •Monocomp technology
  • •POWER CORE 3 blade
  • •Pure Shot blade profile
  • •Square double concave shaft dimension
  • •Power profile dual taper
  • •Matte finish

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nice stick makes it just past warranty
nice stick makes it just past warranty period before it breaks
Great stick
All around great stick.
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