BAUER Supreme ONE.4 Shoulder Pad- Sr

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Bauer developed the Supreme One.4 shoulder pads for the recreational player looking for maximum coverage on the ice. These shoulder pads are built with a multi-segmented upper body design which allows for great mobility. Reinforced protection in the bicep, arch, chest, and spine all provide solid protection from shots, hits, or any other types of impacts you may get on the ice. The extended hook and loop closures ensure a secure fit to minimize movement during play.
BAUER Supreme ONE.4 Shoulder Pad

• HD foam plates in chest and spine
• Anatomical covered shoulder caps
• Poly reinforced bicep guards
• Reinforced bicep guards
• Reinforced arch protection
• Removable abdominal pad

• Multi-segmented, multi panel upper body design
• Hydrophobic mesh liner
• Extended closures
• Flexible neck opening

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