BAUER Supreme TOTALONE LE Comp Stick – Int '12

Style/Model #: TTONELEIN2

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Same great stick with all new graphics for 2012! The TotalOne LE is a limited edition stick with elite level performance in mind.

Conceived for the power player, the Supreme TotalOne stick is engineered using advanced design principles to maximize a player's shooting performance while exerting minimum effort. The Amplified Mid-Kick profile allows a player to easily load the stick for powerful, heave slap shots and one-timers with effortless releases on wrist shots and snap shots. The lighter blade utilizes dual density foams for the soft 'feel' on puck handling and pass reception with increase stability in the blade and hosel region for improved accuracy. Exclusive use of light weight TeXtreme carbon fiber creates a stick that is lighter and better balanced than its predecessors. Every facet of this stick has been cunningly considered resulting in a finely crafted stick that delivers every time you step on the ice. • Monocomp Technology - Bauer's industry leading single molding process ensures product and performance consistency. By removing excess material like overlapping layers, resin, and foam waste; the balance of the stick is improved and overall weight is reduced. This results in easier stick loading and improved energy transfer with every shot. 58" length

  Supreme Power Shaft - The square double concave taper is thicker in the hosel area to work in coordination with the mid shaft amplified kick to minimize shaft deflection during power shots to optimize energy transfer and keeping the blade aligned for accuracy.

 Amplified Mid Kick - Engineered for maximum energy output with minimum effort. Created by using a stiffer lower shaft with a softer middle providing a stick that is easily loaded. Perfect for those who lean heavily into their sticks or want effortless shot release.

  Supreme Power Tape - The .520 power taper boosts torsional stiffness to maximize loading with less torquing and twisting for better control and precision.

  Tac Spiral - Anatomically engineered spiral tactile increases sensory connection and control of the stick. Paired with Supreme's quad corners and double concave shaft walls, players can get a secure grip even in the most aggressive handling and shooting situations.

  Pure Shot Blade Profile - The optimized blade profile increases the connection point between the blade-hosel transition of the stick, reducing the amount of blade deflection, or the twisting or opening of the blade while shooting, improving blade control and pinpoint shooting accuracy.

  Power Core 3 Blade - The Power Core is unique foam reinforced with aramid fibers to absorb impact energy for increased blade 'feel' while adding blade strength. The Aero Foam II adds stability to the blade reducing deflection and boosts accuracy. Power Core 3 is lighter than Power Core II, improving the overall weight and balance of the stick.

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Love It!!!
I really love this stick. It is avery ligh-weight It ,high-quality piece of equiptment. Since I purchaced it, my shot has been noticibly harder and flatter. It also greatly improved my accuracy in passes, as well as shots. I highly recommend this stick.
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