BAUER Supreme TotalOne MX3 Shoulder Pad- Yth

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The Bauer Supreme TotalOne MX3 Shoulder Pad features all new Technologies for 2015. With FlexOrb and Vent Armor Foam for Sternum protection and Patented Flex Chest Construction providing energy absorption and comfort in key areas in sternum region. An Exposed Molded Vent Armor Foam provides light-weight and breathable protection in key areas in sternum helping dissipate impacts. An Anatomical fit contributes to a uniform fit allowing the player to have the highest range of mobility with a proper fit. An extension fit system with Free Flex chest and 37.5™ Technology with perforated foam in liner assists with a drier pad during play also a quicker drying time up to five times faster than other leading products.*** Youth is not as pictured***
Bauer Supreme Shoulder Pads

• Shoulder Cap: Molded Vent Armor Caps
• Sternum: FlexOrb + Vent Armor foam inserts
• Front Side Panels: MD Foam + molded Vent armor foam
• Spinal: HD Foam + Vent Armor Foam
• Back Kidney Panels: Molded Vent Armor Foam
• Bicep Guard: Adjustable Free Flex construction
• Arch: Molded HD Foam
• Belly Pad: Removable Vent Armor foam

• Overall Fit: Anatomical
• Arm Strap: Extension fit system on arm pads
• Base Body: Patented Free Flex chest construction
• Liner 37.5&trade Technology with perforated foam

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