BAUER Vapor 1X Elbow Pads- Sr '16

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The Bauer 1X Elbow Pads are a top of the line elbow pad that uses a clean construction that will not interfere with game play. The Pad is a Tapered Fit that fit that stays on the forearm seamlessly.
The Bauer 1X features a high level of protection with a Injected cap with molded MD Foam Covering. The Aerolight Technolgy in the Bicep guard allows for a lightweight wear as the CURV® and AEROLIGHT Technology + HD Inserts.

A revised Fit and Mobility is issued with this elbow pad using a tapered overall fit and Free Flex Cap construction with molded bicep guard. The interior Elbow Joint uses a Transfer Mesh and a 3-Strap system with anchor strap holds the pad to the elbow. The Liner uses 37.5 Technology.
BAUER Vapor 1X Elbow Pads

• Injected Cap with Molded MD Foam Covering

Bicep Guard
• AEROLITE Technology

Forearm Guard
• Curv and AEROLITE Technology + HD Inserts

Overall Fit
• Tapered

Free Flex Components
• Free Flex Cap Construction with molded bicep guard

Interior Elbow Joint
• Transfer Mesh

Strapping System
• 3-Strap System with anchor strap

• 37.5 Technology

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