BAUER Vapor 1X Goal Skate- Sr '17

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Bauer Vapor 1X Goal Skates (2017) feature a 3-D anaformable Curv® composite boot with an extended facing LOCK-FIT PRO liner, LS3G VERTEXX EDGE Goal Runner 3mm steel, a Goalie-specific toe cap, Dynamic Flex pro felt tongue, Dynamic Flex collar, full composite outsole with ventilation, and a VERTEXX EDGE Goalie Holder

Bauer Vapor 1X Goal Skate (2017)

• 3-D anaformable Curv® composite boot with extended facing LOCK-FIT PRO liner
• LS3G VERGEXX EDGE Goal Runner 3mm steel
• Goalie-specific toe cap
• Dynamic Flex pro felt tongue
• Dynamic Flex collar
• Full composite outsole with ventilation
• VERTEXX EDGE Goalie Holder

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