BAUER Vapor 1X Shin Guards- Jr '16

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New for 2016, the Bauer 1X Shin Guards Feature Curv® & AEROLITE technology on the Shin Cap, Calf Guard, Knee Wing, and Thigh protectors. Knee cap has been injected with foam inserts.

If you're wondering about wearability, fear not. The Bauer 1X Shin Guards are designed with a tapered fit. They utilize Free Flex on the shin cap and liner, and feature a 2-strap system to anchor top and bottom straps. Liner is made of transfer mesh utilizing 37.5® technology.
Bauer Vapor 1X Shin Guards

• Shin Caps feature Curv® and AEROLITE technology
• Knee Caps are injected with foam inserts
• Calf Guard uses AEROLITE technology and a PE insert
• Knee Wing uses AEROLITE technology
• Thigh Protector uses AEROLITE technology

• Overall fit is tapered
• Uses free flex components on shin cap and liner
• Uses a 2-strap system featuring anchor top and bottom straps
• Liner is comprised of transfer mesh with 37.5® technology
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