BAUER Vapor X 600 Griptac Hockey Stick- Jr '15

Style/Model #: HSX600GRJR

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The Vapor Series Composite Sticks are made for quick motion shots and lightweight handling. The X 600 is perfect for just that. Fused 2 piece construction featuring Low-Kick technology for quick release shots. A Pure Shot blade profile adds to the Micro Feel II shaft dimension. Double Concave walls and Painted uni-directional fiber shaft assists the Exposed basket Weave carbon fiber Matte Textured Blade. Perfect for the forward that offers a blistering snap and wrist shot needing to work on the quicker release. This stick helps to get it done.
• Fused 2 piece construction
• Low-Kick technology
• Pure Shot blade profile
• Micro Feel II shaft dimension
• Double concave walls
• Painted uni-directional fiber shaft
• Exposed basket weave carbon fiber blade
• Matte blade with Texture

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