BAUER Vapor X400R Roller Hockey Skate- Jr

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The Bauer Vapor X400R Roller Hockey Skate is based on a balanced Agility and uses proprietary technologies from Bauer. The X400R features a Tech nylon quarter package that includes Anaform ankle pads providing a high level of comfort and stability. An anatomical tongue construction features a 2-piece 40oz. Felt with metetarsel guard. A molded comfort EVA foam footbed is ultra comfortable and creates an even balance control zone for quick maneuvers and turns.

The boot is thermoformable which means when heated will conform to the players foot giving a fully customizable fit. The outsole or outer part of the skate uses a Black injected TPU durable and strong plastic protecting the foot from slashes and impacts. A HI-LO Aluminum Ventilator Steel Chassis is very strong and durable as well. HI-LO Court wheels complete this amazing roller hockey skate.
BAUER Vapor X400R Roller Hockey Skate

Upper Features
• Quarter Package: Tech nylon with thermoformed X-rib pattern with abrasion guard
• Lining Material: Microfiber
• Ankle Padding: Anaform foam ankle pads
• Tongue Construction: Anatomical 2-piece felt with mid density foam metatarsal guard
• Footbed: Molded Comfort EVA Foam
• Thermoformable: Thermoformadjustable Upper

Lower Features
• Outsole: Black Injected TPU
• Chassis: HI-LO Ventilator Steel
• Wheels: HI-LO Court

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