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The BRIAN'S Sub Zero Pro 3 Leg Pad is new for 2016 and builds off of the Sub Zero line dating back from 2011 that brings innovation, lightweight features and incredible performance. The Sub Zero Pro 3 feature more of a gradual “S-Curve” shape than the Sub Zero 2, which issues a more flat design from boot to thigh rise. The Pad has a medium flex (2 Darts) at the knee break just below the knee and a stronger harder flex at the break above the knee. Using Hyper-Flex 4 Boot Construction which is BRIAN'S softest break and allows the goalie to deeply flex the pad at the ankle for lateral movements. The Boot shape is redesigned to the square 90° so it seal to the ice covering gaps that normally would let the puck go through.

The wide Leg Channel of the Sub Zero 3 is fully lined with the new Hex-Air leg channel to promote air flow and gives the channel a very plush and comfortable feel. An inside edge features a thinner pad profile with stitch lines that optimally placed to enhance pad slide and maneuverability. An inset wider knee stack connects to the knee quicker with the goaltenders knee, this new feature gives the goalie an opportunity to drive the pad to the ice quicker and drives a better seal, this also is an improvement from the Sub Zero 2 pads.

The outer features of the SZ3 issues a standard Smart Strap which is BRIAN'S Innovative elastic and Velcro™ attachment system that eliminates the leather straps that can be troublesome. BRIAN'S uses the new strap design and innovative technology to complete a top of the line pad that is also fully customizable and super lightweight giving the goalie an upper hand with the all new features. So lightweight that it is 10% lighter than its sibling the Sub Zero 2 Leg Pads. Come try these on at any of our locations or feel free to call 1-800-888-GOAL for any questions, we are always here to talk hockey!!!

Please visit: for all customization's for the Sub Zero 3!

BRIAN'S Sub Zero PRO 3 Leg Pads

• Smart Strap Technology

• E-Foams
• Lightweight Butterfly Style Pad

• Gradual S-Curve

• Hyper-Flex 4 Boot Construction

• Thinner Pad Profile

• Wider Knee Stack
• Innovative Smart Strap with new strap design

• Wide Leg Channel

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