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Brian's has built upon the popular Sub Zero pad and released the new version called the Sub Zero Pro II which offers unmatched performance and protection. This pad features a straight thigh profile with rigid #1 flex to keep the pad square to increase blocking area.

Ultra lightweight E-foam construction keeps the pad lighter to provide less fatigue when playing. This results in quicker reaction time to stop the puck. The V-shaped profile contours to the shape of the leg for a comfortable feel on the ice. Hyper Flex 4 Boot Construction provides for increased ankle flex to allow the tender to make the save.

A new Primo-Synthetic material is incorporated into the high wear areas for excellent durability. If you are in the market for new pro level gear, you need to take a serious look at the Sub Zero Pro II!

Brian's Sub Zero pro Leg Pads

• Straight thigh profile

• 80° toe taper

• Ultra lightweight E-foam construction

• Strapless design with Smart Strap system

• Super slide inside panel

• V-shaped profile

• Hyper-flex 4 boot construction for increased ankle flex

• Exclusive hex-air leg channel for improved air flow

• New ‘Primo’ synthetic on heavy wear areas

• Max sized knee stack with ‘primo’ gusset

• Wider knee cradle with SBA/ripstop nylon

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