BRIAN'S Zero G Ladies Leg Pad- Sr '12

Style/Model #: ZERGWMGP

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The Female version of the Brian's Zero G leg pads are specifically designed for the female goal tender. Brian's has designed a pad based on the popular Zero G model and then customized it for a female.

The boot is shorter to accommodate a smaller sized skate. All the straps use nylon vs. leather to save on weight. This pad provides for increased ankle flex and the toe taper measure in at 76° to provide less pad drag with a smaller skate.
BRIAN'S Zero G Ladies Leg Pad

• Extended knee landing gear with removable cushion

• Featured pre-curved shape with motion based design

• Double leather calf and nylon knee strapping

• Full synthetic leather boot with offset toe string option

• Adjustable elastic calf stabilizing strap

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