Bauer Vapor 4 Replacement Blade- Junior

Style/Model #: 768J

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  • Blade weight is reduced for a lighter overall stick
  • Improved blade bottom durability
  • HARPOON LATCH SYSTEM Makes for easy and safe blade replacement without the danger and mess of stoves, heat guns and glue
A revolution in replacement blade design. Lighter, stiffer, better balanced. Resulting from extensive research, computer imaging and high speed photography at 2,000 frames per second. Features Direct Energy Band™ to prevent energy loss in blade deflections, Kevlar wearband for improved bottom durability, and shorter length Vapor Hosel Design™ for reduced weight and improved durability.
Bauer Vapor 4 Replacement Blade- Jr

Blade Construction:
• Solid white ash blade with Kevlar wearband - Gives the performance and durability you need in a high-end blade with the natural feel you expect from wood

• Vapor Hosel Design with glue system tenon - Lowers the hosel length moving the balance point up the shaft creating the feel you get from a 1-piece stick

Special Features:
• Direct Energy Band™ strategically placed carbon strands running lengthwise through the blade - Provides a higher degree of stiffness for enhanced performance

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