Bauer Vapor X:40 Stick'um S10 Composite Hockey Stick-Int

Style/Model #: S10X40STUMHSIN

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Bauer's X:40 stick uses Intelli-sense shot technology which can sense the type of shot based on the positioning of the players hands. This results in maximized loading for optimal shot performance on wrist or slap shots. The optimized blade profile increases the connection point between the blade hosel transition of the stick, reducing the amount of blade deflection, or the twisting or opening of the blade while shooting, improving blade control and pinpoint shooting accuracy. The new Micro Feel II shaft dimension offers round corners and double concave shaft walls that allow the shaft to fit comfortably in your hands. The result is easier puck handling and superior puck control. This stick also incorporates Aero Foam II blade technology and the Vapor Premium dual taper as is found in many of their Vapor sticks. Comes with a Stick'Um grip for added control. This stick is perfect for the crafty player that excels in puck handling and quick release shots.

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It is an awsome stick.
This was an awsome stick for the intermidate people that want a nice stick that is cheap buy it here there is no place cheaper!
Good product
Wears quickly but other than that great product
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