Boulder AVH-1 Combo Full Shield

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Boulder Hockey Shields has developed a clear shield that is guaranteed not to fog. This new technology is going to revolutionize the hockey mask industry. It's a two piece polycarbonate high impact mask with a replaceable lens on both sides that's 100% fog-free and scratch resistant. The frame is Polycarbonate that weights just (5.2 oz). The Cage frame come in any PMS color; in solid, translucent or metallic. This color is molded into the plastic so that it will not chip, flake or scratch off. The Air-foil in cage channel allows air to get to the players face. This cage fits all major brand helmets medium and up. A junior version is in the works for small helmets.

It's Made in USA in Boulder, Colorado using quality materials. This company stands behind their product completely. If you're considering getting a new face shield, take a serious look at this product and you will be blown away by the optics and fog-less technology.

Caring for your mask (cage) and shield (Lexan polycarbonate) is easy. Keep your mask and helmet in a separate bag so your shield is not scratched from a skate blade or other object while in transit to the rink.
To clean your shield spray β€œ409” solution and wipe with wet sponge. Rinse thoroughly and towel dry. If you just want, you can rinse your shield with water after games or practices if you notice sweat on the lens.
Before you skate make sure the mounting screws and shield screws are snug but do not ratcheted down. Inspect the shield and cage from time to time to make sure there are no apparent issues from hits or normal wear and tear. After a hit or blow to the helmet and or mask make sure it’s in good working order.

Important notice:
Never put any chemical fogging or other cleaning agents on the lens. It is fog free and scratch resistant on both sides and it will stay that way with care.

Mounting Instructions:
Make sure that the mounting clips are facing down when installing on a helmet. The clips are not suppose to be facing upwards in other words so the mask is hanging below the clips which then lowers the mask below the upper edge of a helmet.

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Never Fog's
Great facepiece been playing hockey for over 30 years won't fog,great job on the facepiece
perfect fit - fast shipping
This fit nicely to my helmet after busting my previous one. No problems with fogging. Nice overall shield.
Excellent Investment
Wore it in my first men's league ice hockey game, it didn't fog up and a few of my team mates are ordering the same one.
Nice visor
Very nice shield. I was disappointed that it was all plastic and not metal. Also disappointed it was too wide for my Bauer senior medium helmet and I had to return it.
So far so good.
I wore this last night for an indoor roller hockey game where it was very warm and went straight from there to my ice hockey game where it's cold (obviously) and it didn't fog up once. Not even a little! The visibility was great also. The shield wraps pas
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