Brine SWIZZLE Scandium Lacrosse Hanlde- Attack '11

Style/Model #: LSHSWZ1A

$39.99 $109.99

Currently Unavailable

The signature product of the MP line is here to dominate and look good doing it. Inspired by Mikey Powell's classic eye black symbol, the Swizzle Scandium empowers you to be an individual within your team. With its NEW updated 3-D grip feature and high-performance scandium alloy base. Top seller in 2008 - High-performance Scandium allows for an incredibly light shaft while maintaining its strength and durability - Brand new 3-D raised application with a Zone Tak™ finish that delivers and maintains grip where you need it most.
*3-D grip feature with Zone Tak™
*Scandium alloy base
*Lightweight and durable.

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