CASCADE R Lacrosse Helmet

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The R helmet marks the most advanced impact management system Cascade has ever created. The dual SevenTech and†Poron XRD†liner system addresses both high and low energy impacts. A HardTail SPRfit†system, combined with custom jaw pad options, gets you dialed into a 360-degree fit with micro-adjustment on the fly. The exclusive SuperMono R Shell, R-Series chin and mask stretch your periphery while creating a more rigid system for frontal impact management. An aggressive design that is distinctively Cascade,†The R conveys speed, power, and performance.
Another milestone in the winning history of Cascade.

Dual Liner System -
By introducing the SevenTechnology liner system, Cascade attacked high energy impacts. Today, with the addition of Poron XRD foam, the fight is on against low energy impacts. Exclusive components that deliver dynamic impact performance to lacrosse.

SevenTechnology liner system:
A ground-breaking impact attenuation system to more effectively manage energy transfer from direct high energy impacts.††On impact, the Seven Technology liner system compresses to laterally displace energy and within seconds, it completely resets to ready for the next impact.

Poron XRD Foam:
New to the Cascade line of helmets, a pliable material offering maximum comfort with the ability to dissipate linear force from low energy impacts.

HardTail SPRfit:
By combining the HardTail SPRfit with customizable jaw pads, the player will feel a 360 degree contour fit that can be micro-adjusted on the fly.

SuperMono R Shell:
The one piece shell and visor now offered in an R design with increased ventilation. This design creates a more rigid system to better manage frontal impacts, and also moves the balance point closer to the center of the head for a lighter feeling high performance helmet.

Cascade R-Series Mask:
New sight lines for better vision and reduced weight.

Cascade R-Series Chin:
Provides added rigidity along the jaw and by the ear.

Head circumference is 22 3/8" - 23 5/8".

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