CCM 4052 Tacks Grip Hockey Stick- Sr

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You want your stick to be a part of you, you want it to be durable and consistent as possible! The 4052 is built to stay true and have the durability throughout its life. The Tacks 4052 was designed to be that stick, with the added advantage of not breaking the bank! CCM has engineered the 4052 with their Attack Frame blade, which keeps the blade stiff no matter what. This allows the shape and consistency of the blade to be the same from shot one to shot one thousand. The rigidity of the blade on the 4052 Tacks Stick provides means the sticks consistency will not change as the stick gets older, since the blade's integrity does not break down over time.

The mid kick point placement shaft is consistent and ideal for getting the maximum pop out of your stick. The shaft also has a grip running the length of it, with strategically placed textured areas for an optimized feel for the stick. If you want a stick that will perform, giving you accuracy, durability and consistency, and the Tacks 4052 stick is for you and a great add to your collection of sticks!

CCM 4052 Tacks Grip Hockey Stick

• 520 grams

• ATTACKFRAME™ High torsional and bending stiffness in blade

• Full grip with strategically placed texture

Kick Point:
• Mid Kick Point offers a pop on shots and passing

• T-Geometry - Preferred by NHL Players for control & accuracy

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