CCM 9000 Goal Mask – Sr '15

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CCM has brought back the famous Lefevre design with their new pro mask line. The CCM 9000 goalie mask is a mix of classic design with modern material to give you the best fit and the most protection. The fit in the pro mask line is the classic Lefevre – molded profile allowing the face to sit further back, which increases peripheral vision, and the helmet extends farther beyond the head for the optimal side impact protection. A stainless steel, straight bar cage protects the face and includes precise bar placement as to not obstruct the goalie's view in any direction. The pro-inspired fiberglass shell design increases vision to improve performance and reaction time while the dual-density VN liner with comfort foam system assures a custom fit. Velcro chin cup adjustment provides a tool less, customized pro fit to balance weight.
CCM 9000 Goalie Certified Cat Eye Cage

• Strong fiberglass shell

• Perfect for the Goalie looking to upgrade

• Triple density VN and EVA foam liner

•"Deeper In" fit for great sightlines

• Adjustable velcro chin cup

•Stainless steel cage

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