CCM CL 500 Chest & Arm Pads- Sr

Style/Model #: ABCL500SR

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HD and LD foam shoulder floaters on the new CCM CL 500 chest & arms are both shorter and wider than the CCM500 from last year. A great level of protection is offered by the body blocks from the HD/LD foam sternum protector that is wider than the previous model. A new adjustment feature on the arms assists in obtaining the perfect fit with your glove and blocker on. The elbow caps have been redesigned and feature new 3 piece compression molded caps.

The combination of lightweight materials and multi-density foams make CCM CL500 Chest and Arm Protector an outstanding, lightweight chest guard.

CCM CL 500 Chest & Arm Pads

• Molded HD Foam shoulder caps
• HD/LD Foam shoulder wings
• HD/LD Foam bicep/forearm guards
• Compression molded foam elbow caps
• HD/LD Foam Sternum protection

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