CCM Jetspeed Hockey Stick- Int

Style/Model #: HSJSINT


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CCM Jetspeed Hockey Stick features a hybrid kickpoint to create a hinge effect for power and a soft taper for increased speed. The hosel features Jetstream construction with dampening layer technology. The multi-channel hosel has a dampening layer on the entire face for a unique blend of weight, feel, and consistency. The shaft is a Jetspeed Shaft with double-concave dimensions. The new geometry offers a smooth transition area to maximize bending and efficiently transfer stored energy. Sigmatex materials.
CCM Jetspeed Hockey Stick

Kick Point
• Hybrid Kickpoint

• Jetstream Blade Construction with Dampening Layer Technology

Shaft Design
• Jetspeed Shaft with Double-Concave Dimensions

• Sigmatex

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