CCM Premier R1.9 Catch Glove – Sr

Style/Model #: GMR19SR

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The CCM Premier R1.9 is a fantastic all around catch glove designed to work for any Goalie. Glove Cuff is a one-piece design to maximize coverage. With these gloves, your break angle is 590, which is a middle-of-hand closure. Palm stiffness is a game-ready fit for easy break-in. Wrist strapping is a webbing strap through the cuff for a quick, easy adjustment. A single offset tee in the pocket makes for an easier closure. Raised foam finger padding keeps your fingers protected when you need it most. Injection molded PE and PE Foam have your cuff/thumb protected against impacts with an added absorption layer. ¼ " felt / foam lines your inner palm for a game-ready flex. Finger stalls are a Nash® material to provide players with quicker dress up/down times.
Premier R1.9 Catch Glove

• Cuff / Thumb:   One Piece to maximize coverage

• Break angle is 590; middle of hand closure

• Palm stiffness is a game-ready fit for easy break in

• Wrist Strap is a webbing strap through the cuff for quick easy adjustment

• Pocket is a single offset tee for easy closure

• Finger Guard is a raised foam finger padding for added protection

• Cuff & Thumb Composition is an injection molded PE and PE Foam for added impact absorption

• Inner Palm is ¼ “ Felt and Foam for a game ready flex

• Finger stalls are composed of Nash® for a quick release

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