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New for 2016, CCM Premier R1.9 Leg Pads are exactly what Goalies have been waiting for. Pads provide players with a No break outer flex to maximize coverage, a precurved single break core closing the 5 hole in the process. Boot flex angle has been increased to 60° to direct pucks to the side/corner. Shallow boot channel provides faster transitions into butterfly. Pads have a loose fit 1 calf strap for a lightweight set up with optimal placement on the calf for a quicker response. Single adjustable knee (or below knee) strapping for a customized fit. Comes equipped with a recessed foam, no wrap cradle which closes the 5 hole. Core is constructed of a new lightweight High Density / Low Density foam offering the greatest weight balance for quicker transitions into butterfly. Knee raiser is PE foam, sealing pads to the ice. Thigh Protector is legal thigh and knee protection to guard the top of player's knee.

Premier R1.9 Leg Pads

• No Break outer Flex maximizes coverage

• Precurved single break core inner flex (closes the 5 hole)

• 60 degree angle boot flex direct pucks to the side/corner

• Shallow soft boot channel for faster transition into butterfly

• Loose fit 1 calf strap
Provide lightweight set up with optimized strap at calves for quick response

• Single adjustable knee or below knee strapping options for customized fit

• Single adjustable knee or below knee strapping options for custom fit

• Knee cradle is recessed foam (no wrap)

• Thin HD/LD foam core offers the greatest weight balance for quicker transition into butterfly

• Knee Raiser is PE Foam to seal pad to the ice

• Legal thigh protector protects top of the knee

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