CCM Pro Goal Mask- Sr

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The CCM Pro Goalie Mask offers top end materials and protection for the high level Tender. CCM's goalie helmet is inspired by the legendary Leferve family, a name all goalies can trust.

Featuring extremely durable and protective carbon and Kevlar composite materials. These materials allow the goalie mask to be extremely lightweight without reducing the overall protection.

  The molded profile allows the face to sit further to the front for greater peripheral vision with a new comfort foam liner and adjustable chin cup to deliver a mask that feels weightless. The mask also features Dual-density pro VN liner with comfort foam system to assure a custom fit!
CCM Pro Goal Mask

• Carbon and Kevlar composite materials

• Extremely lightweight without reducing the overall protection

• Molded profile

• Comfort foam liner and adjustable chin cup

• Dual-density Pro VN liner

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