CCM RBZ Grip Hockey Stick- Sr

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CCM has teamed up with Taylor Made to create one of the most innovative sticks in the industry. The RocketBallz golf technology has been used by CCM to eliminate foam from the core of the blade and replace it with SpeedBlade Technology. This SpeedBlade technology transfers more energy more efficiently from the blade to the puck resulting in a more powerful shot. These SpeedBlade channels also help to keep the blade integrity which results in less flutter and more accuracy. The CCM RBZ also features an all new constant flex profile in the shaft. This allows each individual player to choose their own flex profile depending on their style of play. Wherever you place your lower hand is where the shaft will bend. This allows you to maximize the loading since everything below your lower hand will bend. This allows the stick to adapt to your style allowing maximum speed and power for many different types of players. Strap a rocket to the puck with the new RBZ stick from CCM!

  • SpeedBlade Technology - Revolutionary construction with 4 speed channels helps provide a hot face for insane puck velocity
  • Custom Kick Point - All new constant stiffness shaft profile provides a precise and customized kick point for optimal shot loading
  • Power Swing - Fine tuned weight and flex distribution provide a faster swing for more puck speed
  • "T" Geometry Shaft Dimensions
  • 18in. Taper
  • 60" Length

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Rbz stick
Thank you
Awesome Stick!
The RBZ is awesome. Light responsive and gives me extra power on shots
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