CCM Revision Laser Curve Visor w/Fast Clip

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The CCM Revision Laser Curve Visor w/ Fast Clip is designed for individuals looking to replace CCM Fast-Clip visors without the need for extra mounting hardware. Through collaboration with Revision Military, who is the leading eyewear supplier to the U.S. Military, CCM has been able to bring you top-notch protection and vision to hockey players. The impact protection, optical clarity, and anti-fog properties featured in this visor are trusted by the military and bring that same design quality to the sport.

The Fast-Clip attachment system is known for its ease of use, giving players the ability to quickly replace their visor for cleaning or simply to swap it out for a new/replacement. Revision's impact-resistance testing ensures that the attachment pieces withstand anything the sport throws your way.

As an additional benefit, players may save money by purchasing only the replacement visor should you already have the required mounting hardware.
CCM Revision Laser Curve Visor w/ Fast Clip

• Tooless Installation with Fast Clip
• Anti-Scratch Technology
• Anti-Fog Technology
• Optical Accuracy – patented technology that allows for optimal vision with minimal distortion

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