CCM Revision Straight Short Visor w/Fast Clip

Style/Model #: VR31T


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The CCM Revision Straight Short Visor w/ Fast Clip is designed for tool-free assembly with the fast-clip system.
CCM Revision Straight Short Visor w/ Fast Clip

• Tooless Installation with Fast Clip
• Anti-Scratch Technology
• Anti-Fog Technology
• Optical Accuracy – patented technology that allows for optimal vision with minimal distortion

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Great Product, Poor Customer Service
Ordered this shield, among other things, for standard shipping. The last day of the standard shipping was the day before I was leaving for the east coast. Being from IL, there was no way this would have been late unless there was an error on the companies part, to which I assumed I would be taken care of if that did happen. They screwed up the order, admitted to screwing up the order, and the product came too late. I had to buy another shield from another store to use as this was late. When I called to let them know, they offered me 10% off the shield, which gave me a whole 9 dollars back in my pocket! So I was out $50 for another shield, reimbursed $9, so still negative $41 dollars. Won't be ordering from Peranis anymore! Screw ups are understandable, but to inconvenience the customer further after your screw up is unacceptable.
Product Usually Ships Within 1 Business Day. This product can not be shipped out of the US.