CCM Ribcor Pro3 PMT Hockey Stick- Int

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CCM Ribcor Pro3 PMT Hockey Stick features an optimized Ribcor Low Kick for ease & quickness with the enhanced flex zone in the upper ⅓ of the shaft to allow players to maximize energy. X-FLOW Technology in the shaft has a higher ratio of carbon fibers. The optimized molding technology allows for better compaction of the fibers to increase durability. Enhanced Pop Matrix Technology™ in the shaft for a more gradual transition into the Ribcor geometry as well as a seamless energy transfer while helping to maximize bending. AscentBlade 2 is optimized to feature a tactile surface for greater puck feel as well as additional reinforcement in the heel & toe. C6Blade & C6 Shaft with a tactile surface provides greater all around stiffness & strength for additional durability on the shaft & paddle. New INT Geometry has been designed with the help of Elite women's hockey players & a cross-section of youth players for rounded corners & concave sides, providing for greater control & comfort.
CCM Ribcor Pro3 PMT Hockey Stick

Kick Point
• Optimized Ribcor Low Kick

Shaft Technology
• X-Flow Technology with a higher ratio of carbon fibers

Shaft Design
• Enhanced Pop Matrix Technology

• Ascent Blade 2

• C6 Blade with a Tactile Surface & C6 Shaft

NEW INT Geometry

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Very light weight
Great flex and light weight
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