CCM Stickhandling Muscle Ball & Puck

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CCM Stickhandling Muscle Ball & Puck includes the CCM Stickhandling Muscle Ball, which has been designed to help players develop the hand and wrist strength required to take their stickhandling to the next level. The Muscle ball is 4x the weight of a puck (18.85 OZ). Puck is double the weight (11.5 OZ) of a traditional puck to help build strength and helps slow down the pace of your deke and toe drags so that they are executed with the precision required during gameplay.
CCM Stickhandling Muscle Ball & Puck

Muscle Ball
• Weighs 4x more than a regulation puck to help build hand and wrist strength
• Great for pre-game warmups & developing smooth stickhandling techniques
• 18.85 OZ

• 2x the weight of a traditional puck
• Helps slow down your dekes and toe drags for precision execution
• 11.5 Oz

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