CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Stick- Sr

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CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Stick features a speared one-piece construction with Sigmatex carbon fiber to help provide a great feel for the puck and a more effective transfer of energy throughout each play made. X-Flow technology used in the manufacturing process provides a greater strength-to-weight ratio using less resin and more carbon fiber. Rounded Corners & Straight sidewall geometry. The flex profile offers a mid-kick point, an extra stiff hosel and a softened upper shaft allow the stick to store and release more power during your plays. The Mid-Kick affords greater stability and control, and is ideal for players looking for reliability during all types of play. Tacky grip coating. ACU3™ paddle core helps improve consistency & durability in your play, and its strategically stiff outer frame and two support bridges help afford greater accuracy. Sigmatex Carbon Fiber on the paddle.
CCM Super Tacks AS1 Hockey Stick

• Speared one-piece construction with Sigmatex Carbon Fiber
• Provides a direct feel for the puck
• More efficient transfer of energy in each maneuver
• Flatter two weave is lighter, stronger, and more responsive
• X-Flow Technology

• Rounded Corners
• Straight Sidewalls

Flex Profile
• Max Loading Mid-Kick Point
• Extra stiff hosel and softened upper handle
• Better stability and control on big plays
• Ideal for players seeking a more effortless release

• Tacky Grip Coating

• ACU3™ Core
• Improves consistency & durability
• Sigmatex™ Carbon Fiber

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