CCM Tacks 4052 Hockey Skate- Yth

Style/Model #: SKJ40YTH

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The CCM 4052 Ice Hockey Skates are constructed with an internally supported ATTACKFRAME that is for greater structural support. The core of the skate has Formula T4 technology which enhance support along with the skates Injected Surlyn Midsole. The Outsole of the skate helps maximize energy transfer by having Vented fiber nylon composite. The skates also feature Fit system foot beds, a 7mm felt and EVA foam that too enhances the fit and comfort. The liner of the skate helps ensure a comfortable fit with quick drying heavy duty Microfiber. Attached to this comfortable boot is the Speedblade 4.0 holder with SpeedBlade Stainless steel runners, which sits 4mm higher then an ordinary holder for better angle of attack.

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CCM Tacks 4052 Hockey Skate- Yth

Attack Frame:
• Internally supported ATTACKFRAME™

• Formula T4-supportive for frequent usage

• Quick drying heavy duty microfiber liner

• 7mm felt/ EVA Foam-provides excellent fit and comfort

• Vented fiber nylon composite-stiffness for energy transfer and reactiveness

• Injected Surlyn- increases support for the enhanced blade to boot interface

• Fit system-provides good fit and comfort

Blade Holder:
• SpeedBlade 4.0 increases attack angle providing greater strides and cornering

• SpeedBlade Stainless Steel Provides a long lasting edge for long term performance.

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