Don Cherry's Rock'Em Sock'Em 26th Anniversary DVD

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Grapes, all the way eh! Don Cherry's iconic Rock'em Sock'em 26th Anniversary DVD is a great Friday Night “pop in” DVD and talk story for players, coaches, fans, and the crazy hockey Mom that loves to watch hockey. Since 1989 the Series has been running strong with Bloopers, Plays, Saves, and hits and fights as well as highlights from Coaches Corner from Hockey Night in Canada. Grab the best DVD for the team dinner and Movie. Don Cherry- the name means Hockey!
Don Cherry's Rock'Em Sock'Em DVD
• Grab some Popcorn
• A cold Beverage
• A tissue for the drool and jaw wide open plays and hits
• 26 years running annual DVD
• The greatest selling Hockey DVD
• Watch Grapes just for the Iconic Suits
• Perfect DVD to watch with a Double Double from Timmy's and throw on a Bunny Hugger for a night by the fire

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