EASTON F1 Stealth US Lacrosse Head

Style/Model #: F1USLAXHD

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Universal specifications are now available in Stealth head family. The box-beam sidewall construction allows the head to give and take repeated punishment. Players can customize their offset with Reflex Technology and string up any pocket style with the sidewall configuration.
The most advanced head innovation in lacrosse.
Dial in your accuracy with adjustable offset.
1- Easton's Patented Reflex Technology The most advanced head innovation in lacrosse
2- Adjustability and In-Game Tuning Ability Dial in your accuracy with adjustable offset
3- Box Beam Sidewall Construction Reinforces the lower half of the head to withstand constant abuse and gives the top half just the right amount of flex for scooping up GB's
4- Wide Throat The wider throat on the US provides a bigger targer for catching and a wider pocket, good for defenders and younger players

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