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Easton Hockey has teamed with Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to develop a study based on Kinematics and Effect of Skate Design. Its purpose was to study the effect of skate design on skating performance using a skating treadmill. Engineering Science found that significant changes happen in maximum speed and explosive stride width and strength. So, Easton has released the beast and brought HockeyWorld the new Mako series Skate.

The Easton M7 is a Performance style skate that offers just what the study showed. Technologies like the M1 monocoque chassis which is a 3D composite structure providing direct load transfer for explosive acceleration. Built with a Carbon Fiber Matrix and a fully thermoformable boot using HDPE type plastics and an EXTENDON™ tendon guard. This skate is something to look at if your not in an Easton Skate already. Lightweight, Strong, and everything else that is needed in the most important piece of equipment we wear.

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Easton Mako M7 Skate

• EC50 Carbon Fiber Matrix

Quarter Package:
• Adaptive HDPE thermoplastic

• Pro Felt tongue with injected metatarsel protector

Tendon Guard:

• Molded Ankle Lock and Conform Edge collar design

• Hydrophobic Mesh

• Ortholite©

Blade Holder:
• CXN holder- tuned for composite bootform construction

Blade Runner
• ES4 Full stainless steel runner

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